JIC Academy @ Baguio City, Philippines


JIC is located in Baguio City - a popular Philippine destination due to to its cool climate. Established in 2002, JIC is a pioneer in their field. They develop their own materials and continue to improve these. JIC offers courses for all types of students. Teachers at JIC are given regular training to build their efficiency. IELTS teachers are also sponsored to take the Official IELTS Test to showcase their mastery and to have the confidence to teach IELTS to students.



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Nakajima Akari

“1:1 is very good. And also the textbook is very useful, the content is from our real life, like there are many issues, social issues at the same time I can learn some ideas.”

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Akihito Kitakatsu

I started studying IELTS 5 months ago then before that I never studied IELTS before then when I enrolled in my previous academy my OBS was 4.0, it was actually 3.75 but it became 4.0 then my reading score was 2.5 but after 2 months in previous academy I was able to get 6.0 in the Official Test. After I came here (JIC) I was able to get 7.5 in my test, so I can see my improvement here in JIC as well.

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We have to train ourselves in order to get our target score.